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house painting

When is the best time to paint the exterior if a house...live in ohio

Re: house painting

Your timing is good. The answer is: right now, before it gets too hot. Extreme hot weather dries the paint too fast, cold weather dries it too slow.

A. Spruce
Re: house painting

You want a comfortably warm day, 70-80*
No rain for at least a week before and after the painting is done.
Low humidity

MLB Construction
Re: house painting

i think that between 7:00am and 6:00pm is the best time.

Re: house painting

I'm certainly not a pro - but have painted most of my house here in NE Kansas, so our climate should be similar. I find the fall is the best, but it's also the best time to do about everything else a guy would rather do outside! Summers are generally too hot -- for the person -- and too humid for a good paint job. Spring would be OK, but you also probably get a lot of rain. I washed down the siding with a mix of bleach, tsp, and a bit of dish soap (for suds). I did not pressure "wash", but used the PW for power rinsing. I apply the "soap" mix with a 2g pump spayers, scrub with a brush, then rinse. That needs to dry. A couple of warm, low humidity days would be good, more if you can get them. Then prime/caulk, and paint. I'm also finding trim boards, etc that I should be replacing. In the fall I have to watch out for low overnight temps -- frost or heavy dew. Dew could be an issue also in the spring. I watch the weather and avoid days/evenings when the dewpoint will be reached later that eve or overnight. I just tend to paint in the late pm, early eve, and sometimes till sundown. That late is probably not ideal, but that's why I watch the dewpoint. Maybe a pro can chime in -- that's just my personal experience.

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