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House with no crawlspace?

We had a home inspection done on a house we want to purchase and discovered that the home has no under house access. There is a poured concrete "grid" with 2 x 8 wooden floor joists resting on the concrete. This puts the floor joists only a couple inches up off the dirt ground and the subfloor about 10 inches from the dirt. The cooper water pipes are threaded under the joists and sit partially buried in the dirt. We were all dumbfounded. Can this situation be changed or worked with? :confused: Or should we run from this house as fast as we can?

Re: House with no crawlspace?

Hmmm,,,, you may want to get your best pair of running shoes on.

Re: House with no crawlspace?

i guess there are a bunch of different scenarios here. what state is the house in? what is the climate like? what is the soil like? from what you said so far my advice would be don't buy it, i'm sure there are or will be problems associated with this. is the floor insulated? the copper in the dirt should not be a problem at all but the wood being so close to the dirt and it being dark and dry or damp, that's the perfect enviorment for termites, ants and mold. also, are you in a flood plain or flat area where a big rain could bring the water level up to the floor joists?

Re: House with no crawlspace?

It may be a cute house, but pass.

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