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House Jacks in the Way, DIY Temporary Removal?

Hi folks. First off, I apologize if this question has been asked and answered. I didn't see a search function for just the forum.

I have a conundrum with my old house. The house has been reinforced with several screw jacks and a few permanent posts. Unfortunately, one of those screw jacks is in the way of me getting a washer and dryer into the basement. The jack leaves me with exactly 23" of clearance (I cut a board down to that size and it barely passed through), but there are very few washers with a width or depth that would fit through my path. Also, small washers seem to cost about twice as much for half the capacity.

We already have hookups in the basement, so that would be the most logical place to put them. We'd also like to avoid having to do any construction, demolition, plumbing or wiring, if possible.

My dad (who has never owned property) thinks that he and I could

  • get a bottle jack or two
  • jack the house up
  • remove the screw jacks
  • remove the bottle jacks
  • move a washer and dryer through
  • replace the bottle jacks, and
  • lower the house back onto the screw jacks.

Is this a crazy idea? Would you change anything about this plan? Are there any alternatives to bottle jacks that I should consider?

Thanks in advance.


Re: House Jacks in the Way, DIY Temporary Removal?


For that amount of time that you will have that jack moved and out of the way, unless it is the end of the row, or the end of the beam, you do not have to worry much about replacing ith with something else. If you want, you may build a small wall to support that area while the jack is gone. There is no need as you state, to "jack up the house". In fact, that is something that you do not want to do. You do not want to remove weight off of the other jacks or pillings.You may even use a good sized chain to strap under the beam and large lag bolts to the closest joist on each side to hold up the beam while the jack is out of the way. If you are thinking of using small bottle jacks, don't even bother. They will only crush and break the seals under that kind of load. I have a couple of 100 ton bottle jacks that I have used to level my house.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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