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house heater pilot is lite but burner will not turn on

Our home has a Hytech model #HT18NE Hot Water Heater (Natural Gas)..   last week, the water expansion tank (Amtirol - Fill Trol 12psi) was replaced with another tank (it was full of water and leaking).  Prior to have the old tank replaced, the burners were turning on..  now since they tank was replace the burners will not light.    Do you think the new water expansion tank is the problem?  Do i need to install the same of tank as before?


Re: house heater pilot is lite but burner will not turn on


An expanstion tank really has nothing to do with the burners or burner controls in a water heater.

I am a little confused here, you mention "House Heater Pilot" in the title, but then mention "Water Heater" in the body. A little advice. There is no such thing as a "Hot Water Heater". There is no need to heat hot water. A water heater heats cold water. lol

The expansion tank helps to make the water pressure in the water line equal. And helps a thing call "Water Hammer" from happening. The expansion tank should be on the cold side, not on the hot side. The water heater takes care of the hot side. The expansion tank is nothing more than an air tank with a rubber blatter, filled with air on one side. This gives the water a "cushion" while moving thru the pipe.

I would look at things like the control board. See if something was unplugged perhaps. See if you can over ride the board and make the burners fire. Some of the newer tanks will not allow the burners to fire of the cover is not secure. Check the small, obvious things first. Things that do not look normal, or things that look out of place.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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