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House cracking and popping

I bought a completely rehabbed split-level home at the end of July 2009. Soon as I moved in I began to hear cracking and popping noises especially at night. I first noticed a crack forming on the ceiling right above the foyer in the house. Now 4 months later I have found that the baseboards in the basement and framing around the windows and doors are pulling apart at joints. Also just noticed a crack in the wall in the garage. One of the spaces in the baseboard is about 1/4 inch. Do I wait until after winter to fix? Do I have a major problem with foundation? The existing backdoor was replaced with a wall and back entrance was moved to right where a wall was partially removed to put in a sliding door. Village inspector wondered if supporting wall was compromised.

I only hear a few pops and crackling sounds now. Please I need help.

Rodney H
Re: House cracking and popping

Definitely sounds like a support problem caused by the new construction. Yes, the support must have been compromised by the carpenter/home owner who did this. I see this way too much, where something is redone, and the person doing it does not even consider the support issue.

Good luck.

Enjoy your Christmas.

Re: House cracking and popping

The base problem could be normal shrinking of the wood, could you post some pics?

Re: House cracking and popping

here are some pictures of the cracks

Re: House cracking and popping

Still having problems with the crackling and popping. I have posted pictures of baseboards and moldings. Any suggestions? The noise is more prominent when the house starts to heat up or cools down.

Now with the cold weather settled in I now have cracks in the garage wall and wall of outside steps of porch.

I'm thinking of getting the house re-inspected in March or April.

Re: House cracking and popping

I believe the baseboard cracking is just the drier winter air shrinking the wood. If you use paintable caulk on the joints, it will hide the cracks and allow for some flex.

The drywall cracks that are showing up may be from the same thing as studs/joists that may have been replaced dry out. Or it could be a settling or support problem, there is no way to tell without seeing it. Since you mention it occurs during heating / cooling I am leaning toward the drying out and movement of the wood.

The crack in the outside steps wall...is there water getting in there and freezing and expanding causing the crack maybe? Again, can't tell from this distance. :)

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