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Dick Rosbrook
hot water trickle

I have oil fired furnace that heats the hot water. It now is reduced to a trickle but the cold water flows good. All faucets are the same (hot water trickle) what needs to be done to rectify this problem?

Re: hot water trickle

I really can't say for sure what your problem is as I am not a plumber. I do have a theory though and maybe I am right. I know in our household we had forgotten to turn the water off for the outside faucets and we make sure we do that every year as we don't want broken pipes. So just recently I turned my outside water faucets off. Sometimes as in the house we rent out the shut offs are very close to each other and you can easily turn the wrong valve off. Or maybe you asked another family member to turn the outside faucets off who usually doesn't do that. I know it has happened to us over here at least once. I remember one day I was brushing my teeth and all of a sudden I had no water. I thought oh no maybe we have a broken water main somewhere and they have turned the water off as it was winter. Not that time anyway, no that time someone had turned off the wrong valve. Check it out anyway and if you still have problems call in a plumber. If it is just the valve don't feel too bad this happens to the best of us. I get a good laugh out of our experience we had just thinking about it.:)

Re: hot water trickle

As mentioned above, and it happens to all of us.:o If you have old plumbing, galv. pipes are very susceptible to deposit buildup and can close or partially close off water flow, deteriorated washers in shutoffs can break apart and block flow, your water heater or exchange tank could be full of deposit sediments. These are just a few of the causes for what you discribe. Unless you want to tear into it, a plumber would be advisable.

Re: hot water trickle

Hmmm. I have a similar problem too. To get a hot shower I have to turn the hot water knob on full blast and give the cold water just a quarter turn. I only have that issue with the shower, so I'm wondering like others have said here it is merely a partially closed or worn out shut off valve. My gas-fired water heater is only two years old. Never thought to check the shutoff valves. Duh.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: hot water trickle

Depends on your boiler set up and how DHW is being supplied. Could be a clogged coil for example, A zone valve, etc. With the limited information (and calling it a furnace) described in your post, suggest you contact a professional. Whomever you use to service your boiler system, or a plumber.

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