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Hot water too hot

I have oil heat with steam radiators. The hot water from the faucet gets way too hot when the heat comes on even though I've turned the temp setting on the tank down. What's going on here?

Re: Hot water too hot


What kind of setup do you have there to obtain your hot tap water----do you have an indirect hot water heater connected to the steam boiler----or a tankless coil inside the steam boiler for the DHW; or do you have a separate HWH fired by elec, gas, or oil???

In many of the above cases, it will take awhile to see an effect of turning down the t-stat on the tank, since there may be 30 or 40 gal of HW sitting in the tank when you turned down the temp adjust.

Do you have a thermostatic anti-scald tempering valve that mixes cold water with the HW in the lines going to the HW taps, especially to the shower tap????

Any home using a steam boiler for the DHW (domestic hot water) needs an anti-scald tempering valve.

Do you have "hard water" at your location that has a lot of minerals that may scale up the temp control or tempering control???

Continue working with any temp adjust knobs you can find to see if that makes a difference-----be very careful about any family member taking a shower; it would be better to draw a bath & avoid showers until the condition is corrected.

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