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Hot water tank installation worries

A plumber installed a hotpoint hot water tank for me and I had a few questions regarding the installation.

1) Is Hotpoint a good hot water tank? or is it a cheap one?

2) There are not any "legs" under the tank, it sits right on the ground. Is this correct? I have never seen a tank sit right on the ground.

3) the gas chimney flows up out of the tank about 4 inches, then down hill for about a foot and it drops about 1.5 inches then into the masonry chimney. Is it ok for a chimney to go downhill?

4) the connection from the tank to the copper lines leaks and my whole basement floor is wet.

Im not very happy with the installation and want to know some facts before confronting the company.


Re: Hot water tank installation worries

Sitting on the floor is normal. Some downhill venting is normal. Leaking pipes can be easily fixed. Hotpoint should be a fine brand.

Re: Hot water tank installation worries


I have serious doubts about this just from reading the post.

Any downward slope on the vent flue is a code violation in every case I know; but every town's code varies, so call your town's building inspector to check.

Sounds like a real sloppy install.

I would contact the local building inspector, or the local fire dept. to see if they'll send someone over to inspect.

Take some photos so you have the evidence; place a spirit level on the sloping flue so you get it in the photo.

Call another contractor to come over to size & price the job & see what he/she thinks of the install.

By all means the contractor that did the install has to come over & make the needed repairs free of charge.

Some tips on selecting & installing a HWH are at the sites below.

Hotpoint is a GE name tag; the unit is apparently made by Rheem for GE; the flush fit at the floor is supposed to reduce lint buildup.

Google "best gas water heaters" to get numerous sites, such as Consumer Guide that offer comparative reviews of different hot water heaters.

Many of the better units are made by A.O. Smith, even though they have another name tag: A.O. Smith Conversational; Maytag Series 12 (made by A.O. Smith), Kenmore Powermiser 12 (made by A.O. Smith), American Water Heater (A.O. Smith), State (made by A.O. Smith).

Bradford White and Lochinvar are also listed as good quality units.

At the Water Heater Rescue site, click onto "choosing a hot water heater".


Re: Hot water tank installation worries

I agree with Jack.The flue should not go downhill.This will not allow for proper airflow.Not having legs under your water heater is common.I would recommend a catch pan with a pipe to drain outdoors.You may need a float switch and pump if your water heater is below grade.Quality work does not include leaking pipes and wet floors.They should have found any leaks as soon as they turned the water back on.Sounds like they didn't look.I installed a Hotpoint 50 gallon electric w/h in my house 5 yrs ago.I have not had any problems so far.

Re: Hot water tank installation worries

I agree with the others sounds like your install was out of code.
Normally building code requires that permit be pulled. If no permit was pulled that may have to be reinstalled within code.
Call your town or city building inspector befor going any further.

Re: Hot water tank installation worries

downward pitch on vent?dont matter what state you live in,that can be a dangerouse situation and should be fixed a.s.a.p,also i have my doubts about letting this guy back inside your home,he is not a qualified installer

Re: Hot water tank installation worries

mega dido's

Re: Hot water tank installation worries

That dude is no count. :mad: And many codes do not allow the flue to tap a chimney anymore unless there is a flue vent independent of the fire place but in general masonry flues are frowned upon these days. most inspectors will grandfather it through if it looks to be in good shape and not delapidated or anything.

Re: Hot water tank installation worries

I'll bet if you Google around a bit you can find a bunch of Hotpoint users who can tell you stories of good or evil and how they solved it....

good luck

Fishfool @ The Reef Tank

Re: Hot water tank installation worries

As with the ANY GAS appliance the possiblity for danger is increased, in my opinion, atleast 10x. And here you have a gas water heater with so many wrongs things. For any questions or doubts call the local building inspector and see what they have to say. That is why where I live for water heater replacements, the building department is wanting to come and inspect it.

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