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norman b
hot water at kitchen sink

my kitchen is at least 60 feet from the water heater.we have to wait about 90 seconds for hot water.if you turn it off for 1 minute, you have to wait another 45 seconds for more hot water.what is happening to the water? we have a one piece price phister faucet.

Re: hot water at kitchen sink

You have a common dilema.

One solution is a hot water recirculating pump at the water heater. The make and model of your faucet has nothing to do with your condition. 60 ft is really long distance and you have to waste 3-4 gallons waiting for hot water.

Re: hot water at kitchen sink

dj1 has a good idea there, but I don't like the thought of running, and paying for, a pump all hours of the day and night. Plus recirculating systems need more piping. Yes the concept works, but there are other possibly better solutions.

I was in a similar situation once- the gas water heater was far, far from my kitchen. The only hot water I needed there was for the sink- there was no dishwasher. As luck would have it I was doing a business upfit and to be removed was a 5 gallon 120V electric water heater, almost new. I had space under the corner cabinet beside the stove for the tiny thing, so home with me it went :D One run of wiring, a small bit of plumbing, and voila- instant hot at the kitchen sink for almost nothing. Since I was doing a full remodel that also saved me from running and insulating a hot supply pipe to the kitchen -all I needed now was one cold water supply line. With it being inside the heated portion of the house and small, it's energy efficiency was great. I don't know what the 5 gallon unit would cost new but these should be relatively cheap as small as they are.

If you need more than 5 gallons (which I didn't) maybe you could plumb your existing hot feed into the supply side of this so that once the 5 gallons is used the main line is now feeding hot water. I must admit to not being knowledgeable about that idea- perhaps it has pitfalls I am not aware of and I am NOT a professional plumber so if you try that you're on your own. In my mind this would be a better solution for most existing structures than putting in a recirculating system with it's extra piping and pump or a tankless water heater with it's high initial cost and necessary maintenance. Just a little bit of easy-access plumbing and one run of wiring involved; what could be simpler? I hope some of the Professional Plumbers here chime in on my idea- I'd really love to know if I'm on target or totally off base and why.


Re: hot water at kitchen sink

dji has the right idea. There are systems that don't require additional piping or a pump to run 24-7. I have installed many of these systems and they work very well. The pump has a timer that can be set to suit your needs. Her is a link to the system.



norman b
Re: hot water at kitchen sink

thanks everybody. i've thought about the 5 gallon 110 unit for a while. just keep thinking if there's something about the single handle faucet that's letting the cold water push the hot water back to the tank?

Re: hot water at kitchen sink

single handle faucets do take some getting used to operating with an on demand heater. Since the heaters have flow sensors which turn them on and off, it makes sense then to use only cold water when making a single cup of coffee in the microwave. Normally most folks would throuw the handle straight back and use the warm setting for that one cup of water. You an on demand, that would turn the heater o but do you no good as the half cup of hot water would not have made it through the system before you turn the tap off. The same goes for hand washing... you get the idea.

Re: hot water at kitchen sink


Are you using water that comes from the water heater for coffee?

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