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Hot water heating question

A newbie with a question.The people who built my house(110 yrs old),ran the hot water heat supply lines thru some of the floor joists and carrying beam in the basement.
I have to replace some of these joists and beam as they are rotted.
My question is can I run the copper around the joists and beam and then back up to tie into the tubing or does everything have to be in a level run?
I'm a decent amatuer plumber so the sweating isn't an issue,but I'm not all that up on heating knowledge.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks much

Re: Hot water heating question

absolutely you can do that, not a problem at all. it might be easier in the long run to drop the entire line below the joists incase you have any future problems and have to replace or sister any more joists. it does not have to be in a straight and level line.

Re: Hot water heating question

Thank you so much for the reply.I'm only doing this temporarily as I have to replace the front sill that are all rotted,as well as the joists and main carrying beam.It's an old house with a fieldstone foundation.
After I'm done with the resto,I'm going to put in a new boiler.

Thanks again

Re: Hot water heating question

Running the lines up and then down can make it very hard to remove the air in a hot water heating system, unless you have a lop system with purge valves.


Re: Hot water heating question

If you create a high point in a line where air can accumulate, you must add a venting valve on the top of the line. It can be manual or automatic. If you create a low point, you will also have created two high points in most cases, and only one will already have a venting valve, such as at an upstairs radiator. This will require adding a venting valve between the boiler and the low point.

Re: Hot water heating question

Thanks to all for the help

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