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Hot water heater

If i have a hot water heater, will it help lower our home heating oil. Also, I suppose a hot water heater will increase our electric bill, but by how much?

Re: Hot water heater

Depending on how much hot water you use a 40 gallon electric water heater will cost $35.00 - $50.00 to run.


Re: Hot water heater

Your post is unclear. Are you using the hot water for heating your home or for washing & bathing? Both?

What is the present energy source? (Electricity? Oil? Gas? Used tires?)

What is the proposed energy source? (Hog fuel? Bunker fuel? Firewood? Wood pellets? Hamsters in a wheel? Exercise bicycles? Generator hooked to your mother-in-law's tongue?)

The cost of heating water depends on several factors: the energy cost, incoming water temperature, the temperature it is heated to, the efficiency of the heating unit, insulation of the heating unit as well as the pipes, how weathertight your home is, etc.

Re: Hot water heater

Fencepost: great post!

I've been wondering about that mother-in-law option you mentioned for years!

Re: Hot water heater

I would say that if you have a hydronic forced water boiler, then the best thing to do is install an indirect fired water tank. this means that the boiler has an additional zone exclusively for the water tank. boiler water is pumped to the tank, fed through a coil (which acts as a heat exchanger for the potable water) and fed back into the boiler. this would mean your only running one burner and the tank literally will give you hot water when ever. If you have a hot air furnace, though, I would go with electric. I hope that explanation was helpful! If not, ask your plumber about brands of indirect fired water tanks. :)

Re: Hot water heater

At some point, like right now, electricity is cheaper than heating oil.

So you do the math: you will use more electricity but less oil = $ saving.

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