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Hot Water Heater

In The Morning The Hot Water Heater Only Has Enough Hot Water For One Shower If You Don't Wait At Least 30 Minutes. Two Of My Daughters Take Showers At Night Before Bed. My Wife And Other Daughter Take A Shower In Morning. At Night It Seems To Work Better Than Morning. The House Was Bought New About 6 Years Ago. The Water Heater In Under House And Is About 30 To 40 Gal Size. What Do You Think Problem Is?

Re: Hot Water Heater

Doesn't really seem like a problem, just seems like your water heater is too small. You could replace it with a larger one, or even better a tankless heater and then you'd never have to worry about running out of hot water.

It may work better at night since people tend to take colder showers at night than in the morning, or it could just be that the ones who take showers at night are taking shorter showers.

Also, please stop capitalizing every word, it makes your posts extremely difficult to read.

Re: Hot Water Heater

I'll presume this is an electric water heater and guess that one of your heating elements is burned out. Probably the lower one. These are relatively cheap to buy and relatively easy to replace...although you will need a large socket to get the job done. The hardware store or big box where you'll find the heating element should also have these sockets for only a couple bucks.

If you intend to go at the repairs yourself, post back if you like and we can help you diagnose if this actually the problem (you'll need an electrical test meter)....and can help coach you thru the replacement procedure.

I think perhaps the situation doesn't seem as bad in the evening because everyone isn't trying to shower within a close time frame to get off to work and/or school.

Re: Hot Water Heater

While your at it change the other element.
The remaining one will most likely be on its last legs as well.

Re: Hot Water Heater

I think for 5 people to use a 30-40 gallon lowboy water heater is undersized. and if it electric it has a longer recovery time than a gas water heater. recovery time meaning when it will fill up with hot water again. yes, you can turn up the thermostat on the water heater itself, BUT YOU RISK SCALDING or SERIOUS INJURY! I spoke with a water heater salesman for one of the manufators, and they are not lasting more than 6-7 years now, so they can sell you again. Also, if the quailty of the water is bad, then it decreases the life of the water heater as well.

With 3 daughters I am pretty sure you would all enjoy longer showers. I agree with the idea a tankless water heater. Preferably run on either propane or natural gas. If the city/county doesn't have a main you can always install your own 500 gallons tank outside your home. Set up in North Carolina is about $1000, but you will revover the savings in 8-12 months. Your water bill might be higher though due to longer showers. The tankless water heater will be about $200-300 more than a replacement water heater, but is generaly guarenteed for 10 years minimum. Talk to a local plumbing supply house for more info.

If you hook up propane you can even tee it off and run your outdoor B-B-Q pit. A win-win for eveybody. Good luck. Process of Elimination.

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