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Hot Water Heat Noises, What to do??

We recnetly moved into a a 23 yr old house. We just replaced the hot water boiler. We had them add a devise to keep the air out of the system while it is running (forget what its called). While we no longer hear the water running through the pipes, we do hear all types of clanging, ratteling, tap, tap, tap, tap, and da,da,da,da,da,da,da,da,da etc. I had the installer back three times and they reduced many of the noises but not enough. Can anyone who has solved this problem give us some suggestions? The system is hot water baseboard with the fins around the copper pipe. Does it help to replace the base board units themselves? it seems the noises are coming from a couple of rooms. Thanks in advance. CD :confused:

Re: Hot Water Heat Noises, What to do??

These noises are usually caused by the metal pipes expanding when they heat up when the boiler comes on---this would involve ALL the metal pipes in the heating system: 1) the alumninum fins & pipes inside the baseboard, 2) the "riser" pipes that go thru the floorboards from the baseboard down to the boiler room, 3) the main supply pipes in the boiler room.

Replacing the baseboards will do no good: you'll have to save the plastic milk cartons & cut them up into pads & slip them under the steel brackets that hold up the fin-tubes inside the baseboard--this is at the BOTTOM bracket of the baseboard, so it can slide back & forth without making any noise.

If there is not enough clearance between the floorboards & the pipes as they go thru the floor, you'll have to carefully widen the hole & install a dab of high heat caulking compound (plumbing supply stores) in the hole.

Make sure the brackets holding the main pipes in the cellar are loose enough to allow some movement of the pipes---they can expand up to an inch when they get hot.

Re: Hot Water Heat Noises, What to do??

Thank you, i will give it a try. Great site by the way.

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