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Hot water heat

I have hot water heat, and my question is about a radiator in my attic. The radiator is currently shut off in the basement, both from the feed and return, with a quarter turn valve (the radiator does not have an adjustable valve on it). If I open both of the valves to the radiator will this add air to my heating line? If so, how do I prevent this? I personally do not have the "know-how" to bleed my system seeing as I am a first time home-buyer.

Re: Hot water heat

By their nature, all radiators will accumulate a certain amount of air when put into service; it's completely normal, nothing to worry about & the air can be easily removed (called bleeding); open the quarter turn valves & check the water pressure gauge on the boiler---it should read approx 12 psi.

Any air in the piping should exit the system thru the radiator that is situated in the attic, as this is usually the highest point in the house & air inside hot water radiators & heating systems always gravitates to the highest point in the system; there is always a BLEED VALVE located at the top of the cast iron or stainless steel radiator that can be slightly opened with a flathead screwdriver (or even a coin); a small number of radiators have a bleed connector (bleed key) that takes a special bleed key that is widely available at the home improvement stores; you should hear the hissing sound of air escaping; once the air is expelled & water starts to come out, the bleed valve is closed; the heating system will usually automatically add some water to replace the evacuated air; & the radiator should heat up normally.

Post back & let us know how you make out.

Go to Google & enter "images for cast iron radiator bleed valves", then click onto that phrase when you get to the site.


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