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hot water cross-over issue

I saw a show a few weeks ago where the home owner was complaining about his sink cold water coming out warm, and it turned out to be the shower handle. My daughter went to get water from our fridge and realized the water was coming out warm, after checking all the other faucets in the house the we realized all the water is coming in warm. Is it possible that it is my shower handle, it is a one handled valve. Our house is very small, (around 900 sq ft) So the plumbing is all very close proximity, a lot of our pluming and our faucets are all new (with in the last 6 months) our house was in the Joplin tornado, the water has worked fine till now. Is it just a faulty faucet or something else? our bathroom shower is a Delta multiChoice valve trim 13/14 series. Any advice would be appreciated thanks!

Re: hot water cross-over issue

Without seeing your pipes, my guess is that the plumber did some mistakes here. Too much beer for lunch?

Question: is the water warm on both sides of every faucet? Or is it just warm on the right side and cold on the left side (just reversed).

If you can call the plumber, do so, I think that he should come an switch the pipes.

If you can't locate him, or if he ignores you, then get another plumber to do it. I hope your pipes run in the attic, that will make it easier for certain locations.

Here is a simple test you can do yourself: switch the flex supply lines under the sink (in the bathroom or the kitchen) and see if the hot water comes out the left handle.

If this faucet works fine after doing so, reverse the rest of the faucets.

What about the toilet? is the water in the tank warm or cold?

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