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Hot water behaving erratic

We bought our home last fall. Till spring this year , we had no issues. However since past couple of months, the hot water has started behaving erratic. The water in the shower or faucets suddenly become cold (like chilled) and then gets warm (not hot though) . Sometimes we have no issues at all and get the water perfectly. We have shown to 4 plumbers. They checked all the faucets , but could not find any issues (Almost all faucets are 3 holes(that is seperate handle for hot and cold water). We also have the kitchen faucet which is hands free (MOEN) we also switched off the cold water to that faucet and then checked, but the problem still was there.
The last plumber who came suggested that the softener we have may have some hot water bleeding as one of the vessel of the softener was a little warmer than the the other one and also the tow pipes (coming in and going out) were at different temps.
Please suggest if some one has had similar experience or can help on this.

Re: Hot water behaving erratic

You could have a by pass. where the hot and cold are connected through a faucet and the cold run into the hot or visversa. I remember a house had this that had a bath faucet with hot and cold handels but the people left them on and turned the shower or bath on or off by the diverter valve.

Re: Hot water behaving erratic

Run this simple test:

Shut off all cold water angle stops (under the sinks) to all faucets.

Now turn on all hot sides.

Do you still have the problem you mentioned?

Re: Hot water behaving erratic

What they said - more thoughtful testing is needed.

Another test - turn off the hot water at the HWH. then turn on the hot water at all the faucets and see if you get any cold.

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Re: Hot water behaving erratic

do you have a mixing valve by the hot water heater to reduce the temperature of the water in the hot water tank to 112 degrees before it runs throughout the house? maybe it's malfunctioning.

do what dj suggested, see if this issue is related to the hot water side of things or the cold water side of things. only thing to note when doing this is when you do the hot water only, do not do it with the tubs or showers as they have a mixing valve built into them to prevent the water from getting too hot.

Re: Hot water behaving erratic

Thanks a lot for the suggestions,.
Shall run the different tests .. hopefully we can detect the issue.. :)

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