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Hot water Base board heater

We live in a 5 story brownstone building and every year, at the start of the heating season we had to "bleed" the radiators to take the air out. For some reason none of the bleeding is working and we have no heat even though the rest of the building does. What is the problem? Thanks

Re: Hot water Base board heater


I would ask first if you are the owner of the building, or does the building have a superintendent that takes care of the heating when it doesn't work.

If you DON'T own the building, then you are not allowed by law to repair the heating system---that is the owner's job, or the superintendent's job, you would have to call them to advise of the lack of heat; the owner/superintendent is required by law to provide you with heat if you are a renter.

If you DO own the building, then this problem is usually due to an insufficient amount of water in the boiler---you would have to have access to the boiler room so that you could read the water pressure meter at the front of the boiler---the gauge should have a black needle that is pointing to at least 12 psi of water pressure----this is especially true if you live on the top floor of the building, or one of the upper floors.

Please post back if you have access to the boiler room and can read what the water pressure gauge indicates now.

Please post back to respond to some of the other issues raised.

Re: Hot water Base board heater

Thank you. I do own the building and will check the pressure. If all fails, will call our plumber. thanks!!

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