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Horse aspirin in toilet tank

My wife insists on putting those toilet cleaner blocks that look like horse aspirins into the toilet tank. I think that these things cause premature failure of the seals in the tank. I notice that washers on the bolts to hold to the tank and the main gasket between the tank and toilet bowl are giving off black, oily tendrils when I touch them.
So, do you think that these cleaners are damaging my plumbing in the tank or is this what happens naturally? All the parts in the tank are 2 years old.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Horse aspirin in toilet tank

yeah chlorine is destructive on black rubber. the red rubber is a bit more long lasting and resistant.

you seem to have made a lot of posts about toilet problems. i suggest you visit this web site: http://www.toiletology.com/ and begin your self-education.

Re: Horse aspirin in toilet tank

I'll echo BRP's recommendation to use the red rubber washers and flapper. They tend to be more expensive, but they do last longer.

It will be easier to change the seals in your toilet than your wife's mind.

Re: Horse aspirin in toilet tank

Thanks for the replies. I learned a lot about chemicals in the tank on Toiletology101.com. I talked to my wife about it and she had just seen an add for some scrubbing bubble cleaner that gets stuck to the side of the bowl. Supposed to be good for a week. At least when I replace the innards they won't get eaten away again.

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