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Horriable lawn

We just moved into a new house and the lawn is terriable :mad:. The realtor told us they had used hydro seed but I highly doubt it. The yard is patches of dirt and very hard weedy grass - a friend of ours says it's field grass. Our poor dogs don't even want to go outside because what there is of the "so called grass" hurts their paws :(. We have a child, have one on the way and want a nice yard that we can spend time in as a family next summer. We have no idea how to even begin fixing this mess :confused:. Does anyone have any advice?

Re: Horriable lawn

CG, why don't you start by telling us where you live and what your soil's like (loose silt, more clay, etc.). Have you had your soil tested? This may indicate that you need to amend your topsoil. What is your yard like sun/shade-wise?

Re: Horriable lawn

This may sound like the easy way out, but I would call a lawn professional so he/she could give advice specifically to your yard. It doesn't mean you have to hire him, but just get advice.

I say this, as we had a similar lawn, and after hundreds of dollars and backaches later, we didn't make a dent in progress.

I hope to see some good advice pop up for the do-it-yourself-ers, so I can learn what I did wrong.


Re: Horriable lawn

It sounds like the best thing to do is a total kill on your existing lawn & start over. The undersirable grass won't be controlled by weed killer.
The best time to do this is usually near the end of summer so that you can reseed in late august/early september. The weather is usually more moderate and wetter, but still plenty warm enough for germination. This should require less watering & the roots will grow into the winter and start again in the spring. Hopefully the next summer minimum watering will be needed to keep it going.
I don't know where you are, but I doubt if their is anything to do now.
If your lawn is small enough to keep watered through the summer, the work could be done in the spring.
Sod is easier to get established, but still requires a lot of prep and water.

Re: Horriable lawn


When you say total kill, are you referring to chemical kill or taking a tractor and digging it all up kind of kill?

I am guessing that it would depend on size of lawn as well.


Re: Horriable lawn

I meant a glyphosphate (roundup) chemical kill to be sure all the undesirable grasses are killed. It may take 2 applications to be sure everything is dead.
Then you have to decide whether to strip the dead sod, plow it under or some combination and maybe adding some ammendments to the soil.

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