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Timothy Miller
Honor our dads instead

Howdy got an idea instead of having my kids spend on me i am going to donate the day in helping elderly with some home maintenance. So many little old ladies that sure can use some help. a kind of pay it forward in honor of my pap an my father in law both whom have inspired and shaped whom i am but passed far too soon. Hope to get my kids to join me as this would be a great present to me. What do you fellers think?

A. Spruce
Re: Honor our dads instead

That's crazy enough that it just might work! ;):p

Great idea Tim. :cool:

Re: Honor our dads instead

Mother's day has, for as long as I can remember, been a day of building. Whether it be a flower bed, gazebo or what ever she's decided she wanted.

It's a great idea and becomes a family building exercise.

I would pick out what you want to do, discuss with the person you want to do it for then tell the kids that for your gift you want to do whatever the project is. Just don't mention that it's not at your house until they show up.

Best of luck.


Timothy Miller
Re: Honor our dads instead

Great idea to make it mothers day too. So many little old ladies that need the smallest of jobs done. Will make it too a new tradition. Thanks BacaMaverick.

Timothy Miller
Re: Honor our dads instead

Howdy, please everyone use this idea freely and often. Helping others in honor of our own parents and getting the kids involves will help our strengthen our communities. .

equity space
Re: Honor our dads instead

It's very thoughtful and it's very nice to read how kind spirited people want to help others.

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