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Honda Push Mower and Bent Shaft

After only about 10 mows with my Honda push mower, I managed to hit an immovable object in my yard, and bent the engine shaft. I called a local repair shop and was told that repairing this would cost considerably more than the $400 I paid for the mower. Before I let it live out it's days as "yard art", I wanted to get a second opinion.

Any thoughts?

Re: Honda Push Mower and Bent Shaft

Get a second opinion from another shop or even a Honda dealer.
$400 sounds excessive.

A. Spruce
Re: Honda Push Mower and Bent Shaft

You can darned near buy a new motor for $400, replacing the crank shouldn't run you more than maybe $150. The real question is, did you actually bend the shaft or did you merely twist up the blade? I too found an immovable object with a mower once and it hosed the blade, the motor and shaft were just fine.

There is a slot in the motor shaft that holds a soft metal key. This key indexes into the blade mount. The whole purpose of this key is to shear and prevent damage to the motor shaft, should the blade meet such an immovable object.

I too second the recommendation of getting another opinion on the condition of your motor.

Re: Honda Push Mower and Bent Shaft

I have to agree with Spruce on this. There is a blade adapter on the bottom of the mower, maybe only bent the adapter instead of the whole shaft. If it spun on the shaft, it can be hard to remove, but once it is off, a new blade adapter should cost less than $20.

You should get a second opinion from another small engine shop.

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