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Home wiring questions

i just bought a house and would like to illuminate the living room a little more as there are absolutely no light fixtures. The ceiling contains two caps/covers where there are wires exposed underneath. When I remove the caps there are three "groups" of wires. When I say there are "groups" I mean that the hot or live wire has three seperate wires twisted together to form this one wire. The thought to be ground and negative wires have two wires twisted together to form the one wire. From what I can tell there are no switches that control the electricity to these bunches of wires. So they are always live. How would I go by installing a light but making it so that it's not always on?

Re: Home wiring questions

:) Find out which is the circuit to the living room and shut off the circuit breaker. Install two receptacles which can be activated from the switch. If the conductors are bad, it is a good idea to replace the conductors. At the ceiling box you should see three conductors black (hot), white (neutral) green (ground).Good Luck

Re: Home wiring questions

Some times homes are pre wired for ceiling lights or fans. I would check to see of any switch in the area of that ceiling light is not operating anything; if you would find a switch like that I would assume that is the switch for that ceiling light. You can check that by have some one turn the switch on and checking it with an electrical tested.
But from what you described on what wires were in the box and how they are connected there is no switch that operates them. I think you stated there are 3 black wires twisted together, three white wires twisted together, and then the three bare ground wires. Is that correct? If there is a black or a red wire not twisted in with the others that typically is the switch wire. I suggest to check the other box and see how that is wired (how they are connected together ie two blacks twisted ) and get back to us with what colors and how many wires in each box and we could help you more

Re: Home wiring questions

If you find that you don't have a wall switch controlling these wires there are remote wireless light switches that can be used with a ceiling light.

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