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Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

Have my home for sale. Had a home inspection done 6 months ago and the inspector actually complimented the house, good house for the age of the house (built in 1965). We get a new buyer for the house and just got back the home inspection (everything was mentioned even the kitchen sink divits!) Please let me know if the following is expensive to fix, or something I might be able to do myself. (BTW, I have already agreed to paying their closing costs!)So, how much $$ are we talking here??? Thank you!!!

Septic: Install inlet baffle; 2. determine cause of standing affluent in drain pipe and repair 3. add soil to reduce ponding and 4. add cleanout within 3 ft of home 2// have HVAC unit serviced and repaired per report requirements--repair.replace heating elements, insulate low pressure line and verify all ductwork is suspended from rafters per current standards and not lying over joist and insulation 3// WDI report treat active and conducisive conditions and provide buyer a clean WDI report within 7 days of acceptance.

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Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

The first question is, how motivated are you to sell? Second question, even if you're highly motivated to sell, can you afford to make the demanded repairs?

IMHO, it is completely unreasonable to be required to bring a 44 year old home up to current day code specs just because an someone the buyer has hired to point out "defects" tells you to. Are you equally willing to bring all systems of the home up to current specs? While you're fixing that sink, would you mind doing a total kitchen remodel? Unreasonable requests, no?

It's a 44 year old home, some updating, repair, or remodel should be expected by the buyer, and it is up to them to pay for it, not you.

Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

None of those items are a DIY fixes.
Since when are you required to make fixes in an inspection report.
At most they are points of negotiation between you and the buyer.

Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

I agree with the above writer.It is a common real estate ploy to ask the world and hope for a reduction in price. As the first responder mentioned it is all a matter how motivated a seller you are. All things are negotiable.

Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

There is no hard and fast rule as to what the seller pays for or what the buyer pays for, it's all negotiable. In the current buyers market many buyers will try to take advantage of the seller. You either have a buyer trying to take an excessive advantage of you or the buyer is not qualified to buy the place. You would be far better off lowering the price a little and sell "as is".

Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

When I sold my first home, one of the interested parties weren't sure the home was for him because the kitchen wasn't laid out the way he would have done it. I told him that under those circumstances the house probably wasn't for him. I've been through this a few times, and buyer's will try to get all they can out of you. My rule has been, if it isn't a health, structural or electrical problem, it is probably something I don't need to spend money on to sell the house. The buyer can request any test they want, but unless there is a problem I am aware of they can pay for it! I've had requests for everything from new windows in a garage we were going to tear down, to new siding because the color wasn't to their liking! There, you got me started on one of my "pet peeves". Good Luck and keep your head about you.
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Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

i'm a real estate agent, a licensed contractor and i've taken all the licensing tests to be a home inspector. This is very "wavy" territory, meaning the negogiating process between a buyer and a seller. the main things you are responsible for, but not legally, at least in massachusetts, are to make sure all the house systems are operating properly and the house itself is safe for occupancy. if you're hvac is operationg properly and needs some general maintence, i'd leave it up to the buyer. if you septic system is not operating properly, meaning passed title #5 in massachusetts, you are responsible for the large cost of replacing it. if a stairway doesn't have a rail, you should install one. if a pipe is leaking you should fix it. safety issues are ones that should be tended to by the seller but not required. many homes are sold "as is" which is often listed in the mls listing sheet meaning that the buyer is responsible for any and all repairs needed. like the old say goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so many buyers will give a list a mile long of repairs that they want tended to and more often than not, the buyer and seller agree on a monetary amount to leave it in the buyers hands. this is where a good real estate agent comes in handy, not a lawyer. a good real estate agent will bring boths sides together to agree on a solution and a lawyer will only be looking out in your best interest which can often make a buyer go running away. if you would like to discuss how to handle your particular situation i'd be happy to exchange a few emails with you as i don't know what state you live in and what kind of buyers you are dealing with. 1st time home buyers are the worst at negogiating and for people that have bought and sold many houses, this is merely a bump in the road

Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

The idea that the seller will pay for something is a fallacy. Ultimately the buyer pays for everything anyway, unless the cost of repairs exceeds the selling price of the home or the sale fails.

As a seller, you may agree to perform certain fixes to make the home "move-in ready." The buyer may not want to deal with the hassles of fixing up the house after purchase. Any fixes you promise to make should be contingent upon the buyer securing financing and performed after non-refundable earnest money is received. (Depending on the laws in your community.)

Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

WOW!!! I love you guys for your very wise advice and answering questions for me, THANK YOU!!!

Update: We have extended the contract until we find out exactly how much the septic repair and the HVAC issue will cost. We have two people coming out, one a HVAC licensed guy and the other a licensed septic inspector to take a look and give us an estimate for both.
These ARE first time home buyers, yes, the worst kind. ;)
Hopefully we can get the house sold without any more issues coming up!

Re: Home inspection nightmare? Need advice!!! HELP

Damn, I was hoping she was still around, I wonder if she fixed the tank and the price.

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