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home energy - which is the least expensive

I'm beginning to look for my 1st house to buy and I was wondering which energy source - excluding oil - is the most affordable? I'm looking in the Boston area and would like to know what others think and why. Thanks in advance.

Re: home energy - which is the least expensive

Right now and for the foreseeable future natural gas is the least expensive option especially in the northeast. In other parts of the country electricity may be cheaper but it is pretty expensive here in the northeast.

Not all areas have natural gas but if you are looking for a home near Boston a lot of cities and some suburbs should have it.

Propane is currently more than oil but generally the appliances are more efficient than oil boilers so it generally is either a little cheaper or about the same.

Hope this helps you out


Re: home energy - which is the least expensive

I would say natural gas, or LP is typcailly your cheapest. Fuel oil is the same as Diesel fuel so thats around 3 dollars a gal. I just had my Lp tank filled a week ago. 4oo gallons for 700 dollars. Not great, but what do ya do.. Typically electrical isnt the best option, depending on utilities rates. If the gas rates keep climbing tho who know, maybe it will be!

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