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Jodi B
Home built in 1890 - needing repair

6 years ago we tore out our entire kitchen (which used to be a porch in the original house) added insulation to the floor, new plumbing, drywall, removed a door, wall and added radiant floor heat. Looked pretty good for a couple of Do it yourselfers! Well - 6 years later we are faced with having to gut the entire kitchen AGAIN because of issues we are having.
1st - the tile we layed had started popping up - so we removed it.
2nd - we discovered we had termite damage
3rd when removing the subfloor and radiant floor heat we discovered that we also have black mold. So now we are standing in our dining room lookint at our kitchen, which looks more like a big BLACK HOLE.

This room was built on a dirt floor crawl space - please don't get me wrong....the only thing that can crawl in this space is a critter!!! And I am sure they have been!!

Here is my problem - the foundation is limestone - field stone, broken..has air gaps and some of the sill plate rotting.

There is a rail road tie laying in the center of the kitchen crawl space and some of the floor joists are laying on it.....I am sure for support. We would like to remove this and dig some of the floor out to give more space under there. I also know that we need to fix the sill plate rot.......but how! And put down some sort of vapor barrier...but what and how???

Any suggestions would really help!

MLB Construction
Re: Home built in 1890 - needing repair

unless you have a ton of time on your hands this is really a job for a licensed contractor and a job which 100% defnitely should have a permit pulled. structural issues, foundation issues, mold issues, etc. i'd recommend having at least 3 contractors come to look at your job and give you an estimate.

1. Check references
2. make sure they're licensed and insured
3. make sure to tell them that you want the appropriate permits pulled.
4. and lastly check references
5. incase you missed #1 and #4....CHECK REFERENCES

Re: Home built in 1890 - needing repair

I agree with MLB, you should have learnred your lesson. Don't try to bite into something too big for you.

Get a greneral contractor to supervise/coordinate/perform this job, he'll earn his fee the old fashion way.

Re: Home built in 1890 - needing repair

We have a situation where we need sill replacement as well. However where do you find a contractor that has the expertise to handle something like this? It is not just a simple carpentry issue...

MLB Construction
Re: Home built in 1890 - needing repair

a good place to ask is at your local lumber yard (not a big box store) or ask your local building inspector. he knows every contractor that does that kind of work.

we do a lot of sill replacement and structural work, any chance that you're located in eastern Massachusetts?

Re: Home built in 1890 - needing repair

First of all you have to hire professional architecture having more experience for repairing old one.

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