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Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

Investing in a collection, something that can continue to grow through the years and can be passed on to the next generation. Check out auction sites for vintage decorations.

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

It's good to invest in quality holiday decoration sets as they are stored for most of the year. A good quality decor collection allows you to make use of it for more years to come. Just ensure that they are properly sealed and stored away to avoid damaging them.

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

Typically about a week before Thanksgiving, I gather up all of the cards that we've received over the year and hang them and a winter themed ribbon on rarely used doors that are also prominent in our home. This helps bring in a festive feel without being Christmas-y in my mind. I also like to display fresh fruit like apples, oranges, and pears on an antiqued tiered stand; as winter progresses I'll mix in natural elements like fresh cuttings of pine branches and pine-cones.

Then, a tradition that I started with my husband is to wake up and go outside the morning of the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving and go for a walk armed with scissors and a couple canvas bags. We'll gather fresh cuttings of pine branches, holly branches, and anything else that catches our eyes (while keeping in mind to spread out our gathering as to not negatively effect the local environment). These cuttings are then put in vases, in my fruit display, old bottles, and the like.

Then, within the next week, we put up our little Christmas tree, pine boughs over our cabinets, and the rest of our Christmas decorations. These stay up till Epiphany and then we take down anything overtly Christmas but leave up the natural pieces that just showcase winter. In Maryland it can be such a drab time of the year, so the extra green and such help bring a little life into our home to soften the blow of the weeks of dreary, grey days.

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

For years, our holiday decoration seems almost the same. We do some minor changes here and there but other than that, most of the decorations we used have been present most of the time. I'd like a change though; probably in the next holiday season.

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips
Marjorie wrote:

I have 3 4-ft. planting boxes on my front porch and I fill them with fake holly and fake poinsettas, then I put two silver tinsel-wrapped tree outlines in the center planter.

I drape pine garland over my mantel & down the sides, put gold garland in it, red lights (the kind with the little bitty ball lights), and then put about a dozen crocheted snowflakes my grandmother made on it.

Another thing is to fill a large glass bowl or tall wide vase with old Christmas balls and it doesn 't matter if they're showing age, and work a string of lights in as I fill it. that's very pretty on a table with some greenery or a large pine (fake works great!) candle ring around it. Free online games madalin stunt cars 2.

... and of c ourse, the wreaths on doors and stuff like that. SOmetimes a giant sparkly snowflake instead of a wreath.

Last but not by any means least, the manger scene with some glass angels and tinsel icicles for the hay.

Oh, and baking the cookies, definitely baking!

THis year, I might try swags over a couple doorways.

You're the goddess of holiday cookies. Just ask your kids, their teachers and all your envious neighbors. Your cookies make Famous Amos and that Fields chick bow their oatmeal raisins in shame. The only difference? They've got their name all over their goods, while you've got, well, a plastic zipper bag. Forget a mall kiosk; you need a marketing plan that's more your style.


Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

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