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Holiday Decorating Tips

Tell us your best holiday decorating tips. This Old House users want to know!

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

I try to decorate with natural items, like pine cones dipped in a cinnamon oil, or use candles to give the smell of fresh baked cookies (which I always fake out our guests).


Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

And along with the decorating tips, I always try to have my cd player on with Christmas music in the background, to give the all over Christmas spirit feel in the house.

And when we get natural decoration like snow, that is a bonus.


Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

A great way to improve atmosphere in a home during the holidays is to create festive aromas. The ancient tried-and-true method of inserting cloves into an orange is a great choice. Baking cookies runs a close second. See more San Diego Home Buyer Tips

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

I have 3 4-ft. planting boxes on my front porch and I fill them with fake holly and fake poinsettas, then I put two silver tinsel-wrapped tree outlines in the center planter.

I drape pine garland over my mantel & down the sides, put gold garland in it, red lights (the kind with the little bitty ball lights), and then put about a dozen crocheted snowflakes my grandmother made on it.

Another thing is to fill a large glass bowl or tall wide vase with old Christmas balls and it doesn 't matter if they're showing age, and work a string of lights in as I fill it. that's very pretty on a table with some greenery or a large pine (fake works great!) candle ring around it.

... and of c ourse, the wreaths on doors and stuff like that. SOmetimes a giant sparkly snowflake instead of a wreath.

Last but not by any means least, the manger scene with some glass angels and tinsel icicles for the hay.

Oh, and baking the cookies, definitely baking!

THis year, I might try swags over a couple doorways.

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

we have started to decorate, here I upload picture. My wife has decorated our main door. we will buy Christmas tree on the next weekend. As we have seen many variety of Christmas Trees on the site named Balsam hill but we are thinking to buy this tree,

what do you think? how is it? I'll use dark red and light bule light to decorate the tree.

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

You're the goddess of holiday cookies. Just ask your kids, their teachers and all your envious neighbors. Your cookies make Famous Amos and that Fields chick bow their oatmeal raisins in shame. The only difference? They've got their name all over their goods, while you've got, well, a plastic zipper bag. Forget a mall kiosk; you need a marketing plan that's more your style.


Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

I have read some useful tips and I want to share with everybody here:"Try some of these ideas to make holiday decorating simple and fun. Start with tried and true elements such as pine cones or Christmas ornaments. To add some sparkle to your holiday decorating, grab the glitter and apply it to Styrofoam balls or to pine cones. Holiday decorating can be as easy as filling an attractive bowl or basket with these or other items to create an instant table topper. Tie a wide sheer ribbon around the rim of the bowl for an extra festive touch.

In fact, ribbon can be used in a variety of ways for holiday decorating. For example, you can tie ribbon around the base of a plain candle to quickly give it a festive look. Just remember to remove the ribbon if you choose to light the candle, and never leave candles burning unattended. Candles are a great source for holiday decorating too. They can be grouped together or intermingled with holly, pine boughs, ornaments, pine cones, or any other festive items to create quick centerpieces, or they can stand alone.

You might not think of Christmas candy when it comes to holiday decorating, but a pretty crystal vase with a handful of candy canes peeking over the rim quickly becomes a festive element. You can fill a crystal dish with peppermint disks, ribbon candies, or chocolates, to add a holiday touch to an empty surface. Fruits also work great and inject some vibrant color into your holiday decorating.

A fun idea is to use spray snow to give everyday items the feel of a winter wonderland. Something as simple as a paper snowflake can become an attractive part of your holiday decorating as well. Just add a little spray snow, some glitter, and a length of sparkly ribbon for a great ornament.

Aside from art paper, you can also use wrapping paper in your holiday decorating. Wrap existing picture frames in beautiful paper, add ribbons and small decorative touches, and hang them back on the wall. Wrap tiny empty boxes as gifts and add them to your centerpieces or wrap larger boxes to fill an empty corner with some holiday cheer."
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Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

Beside the Christmas tree is the PG Gundam 00 Raiser 1/60 ;)

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

We love bringing nature inside. If we buy new items we wait until after the holiday and then buy them half the cost. We bought our 10 FT pre lit tree for 30$ when the original price was 250!

Re: Holiday Decorating Tips

Most holidays I do home swap hence I normally decorate with nature. Mainly flowers and leaves. Sounds weird but its true


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