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Hole in Plaster Ceiling

I live in a house with plaster walls and ceilings. A roof leak right over my bed has caused a very large hole and I have no idea how to fix it. :confused: Anyone know what to do???

Re: Hole in Plaster Ceiling

Has the roof leek been fixed yet?

Re: Hole in Plaster Ceiling

Depends upon the extent of the damage and other factors.

Can you post a couple pics of the area?

Re: Hole in Plaster Ceiling

I know what to do.

Re: Hole in Plaster Ceiling

The roof has been completly re-done...including finding and fixing the leak. The moisture just made the plaster start cracking and crumbling. We had to duct tape the thing to keep bits from falling on our heads!:mad: I would guess that the hole is big enough, after removing all the loose bits, to stick my head through.

Re: Hole in Plaster Ceiling

1 Score around the hole with a utility knife to where the plaster is solid and remove.

2 Clean out from in between the lathe boards get rid of any loose dust or plaster.Shop vac paint, brush,ect.

3 Bond the lathe and plaster edge with bonding agent.

4 Mix up some stucto lite plaster or gypso lite(home depot)

5 Put enough in the hole to squeeze into the lathe but dont fill the hole completely yet.Scratch it with the corner of your trowel to make keys for the second coat and let it set.

6 Mix up some more base coat and fill in the hole and slick it off with something so its flat.Let it set

7 Apply finish as it sets trowel until smooth(youll want a paint brush and water to wet the finish when troweling )

8 Wait a week or to so everything dries and prime and paint

9 Done!!!Its not as hard as it sounds. The gypsum based base coat set in about 3 hrs.Hope this helps

Re: Hole in Plaster Ceiling

Some plaster is backed by wood lathe. Some by rock lath or plasterboard. If the hole is big enough to put your head through,
I would guess that not only is the plaster badly deteriorated, but so is the backing (rock lath or plasterboard)

That being the case, you will need some kind of backing in the hole to attach your new filling to.

Probably the easiest is a piece of wood or plywood a little narrower than the hole. Insert through hole and position on back. Hold tight and fasten with some long screws, with a screw gun or drill with philips head.

You can cut a piece of drywall to fit in the hole. Attach with screws. Then go ahead with hot mud or plaster to fill the hole to level. If you use plaster, you will need to put a bonder on the sheetrock piece. So hot mud or maybe plaster of paris would be a better choice.

This is a "quick and dirty" way to git-er-done. A professional might blanch.

Re: Hole in Plaster Ceiling

Ok if its rock lathe score the plaster to the studs on either side.Put a piece of blue board same size as the hole and screw it to the studs.Bond the old plaster.When that gets tacky mix up structo lite or gypsum lite (cant remember name exactly and can be found @ some Home Depots). Now you can totally fill the hole and slick it off let it set and you can apply the finish coat.See my other post for finish.Wait a week or 2 prime,paint,and done.Hope this helps

Re: Hole in Plaster Ceiling

Thanks guys! That helps a lot!

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