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Hole in Hard Wood Floor


Last night the Dish guy was at my house installing satellite TV and wireless internet. As a part of the installation, he went in the crawl space to run some cabling, came back upstairs and started to drill a hole in the corner of my dining room where the cable was to come through. Because all of the other cabling I have ever seen in my life has been through a wall, I never thought to ask him where he was drilling the hole. And, he never said. He left pretty late after he finished the installation, so it was this morning when I realized that he drilled a hole in my hardwood floor! Eikes!

So, besides me not being happy about where the hole is, I now have a gap between the relatively flat cable and the round hole he drilled. I am thinking this is a great place for bugs to come up from the crawl space into the house. What would be the best way to seal up the space between the edges of the hole and the cable?

I've attached a photo here, although it doesn't show too much of the hole. It at least gives an idea of how big of a hole I now have. http://crocheter0808.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/hard-wood-floor-hole-nov-2013/

Thank you!

Re: Hole in Hard Wood Floor

First of all a [email protected] job. Tthe guys are contracted by the job and don't care what they do. Measure the diameter of the hole, and go to a computer supply store. They have hole covers made for cables holes in computer desks. You can then caulk around the cable. They usually have different sizes and different shaped cable openings.


Re: Hole in Hard Wood Floor

This will give you an idea of the different ones available http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&fr=ytff1-yff25&va=desk+hole+cover


Re: Hole in Hard Wood Floor

One cable guy drilled up through the shower pan in my sister's new house! The cable guys often are underpaid temp subcontractors with virtually no training or experience. I think you can get hired just walking in off the street.

Re: Hole in Hard Wood Floor

Cable guys and many other "tradesmen" sometimes have no regards to what's there, just bully their way into finishing their job as quickly as possible, causing damages left and right.

What's the answer? don't leave them working alone, be there with them. Ask them questions and supervise. They don't like this? call the cable company, they'll send you another installer. It's your home - take control.

When building a new home, I often times had multiple subs working at the same time, making the place as crowded as a bee hive. Well somebody had to be there to stop certain subs from wrecking other subs' job - that was me. A sub who damaged things had to pay for the fixes and also was not allowed to work on the house.

Re: Hole in Hard Wood Floor

These guys are almost always subcontractors who get paid (or should I say underpaid?) by the number of jobs they finish, so they are going to take the fastest route to achieve their end goal of making as much money as they can. You may be able to collect damages to repair the floor but it won't be easy- these companies have good lawyers who will claim that this is a 'normal' way of doing it, which sadly, it is. Colored caulking may seal this well enough for you- it won't hurt the cable.

If something matters to you, then talk it over with whoever is doing the work, and then specify it in writing and in detail giving them a copy while keeping the original they signed yourself. You have to be sure everyone is on the same page or the play will turn into a drama or a comedy of errors. You control the money so you are ultimately in charge of (and responsible for) everything that follows.


Re: Hole in Hard Wood Floor

Forget fixing it yourself, call the satellite company and demand they reroute it and repair your floor.

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