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Hinged Door in the Floor

Hi everybody,
I'm looking for any advice on building a hinged trap door in the floor to access my basement. I want to do this so I can expand my living space. Any advice? w w w . flickr.com/photos/kimhascats/3188437805/in/set-72157620692394638.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

A. Spruce
Re: Hinged Door in the Floor
Re: Hinged Door in the Floor

thanks, it worked!

Re: Hinged Door in the Floor

For a latch, I'd use one of the flat toolbox latches you see on service trucks (the ones that go out to the jobsite to fuel and lube construction equipment). In the pictures, they are using gas springs (frequently found on pickup canopy doors and the trunks of Volkswagens) to support the hatch.

Re: Hinged Door in the Floor

I think a piano hinge would look a lot better than the strap hinges they used. It doesn't need to hold much weight because you have the pistons assiting when it is open and when it is closed, it is physically resting on structure all the way around.

Re: Hinged Door in the Floor

hate to break it to you but doing this goes against code. we tried doing something similar a few years ago however the inspector picked up on it immediately and shut it down.. had to be treated as either a fully open passage or closed off completely

Re: Hinged Door in the Floor

If you just wanted to provide access to the basement from inside the house, I wouldn't have a problem with the trap door. Especially if it was tucked under a stair like in the photo. A building inspector probably would.

If you want to expand your living area into the basement, you need an official(code compliant)stair with proper tread/risers, handrail and a guardrail around any open sides.

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