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High house water pressure help

I put a pressure valve on my garden hose connection on the outside of my house. It reads 120 psi during the day, it peaked at 190 over night. I tried it again last night...same numbers.

The house is a 1959 colonial. It has a 1" line coming into a 3/4 water valve followed by a 3/4" line to the hot water tank and 3/4" water line to the water manifolds. From the manifolds, 1/2" copper everywhere else in the house.

I thought that the pressure was high because I kept blowing garden hoses. I always turned the water off when not in use. All I have to do is wash the car in the sun 1 time...then I'm off to Home Depot.

The pressure relief valve on the hot water tank is rated for 150 psi. However, there have been times when I see some water on the floor around the hot water tank. Not a lot, but enough that its getting past the valve. (The tank is only 4 years old. 40 gallon.)

Not sure what my options are. I also don't know how serious my pressure issue is. I know that 120 to 190 psi MUST be high water pressure because the pressure gauge I have to test it only goes up to 200.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions...


Timothy Miller
Re: High house water pressure help

Howdy you need to adjust or install a water pressure valve on the supply line to your home 45 psi is what they are set when made. easy to install at the meter if you do not have one. This will also stop the too high pressure from popping the supply lines to sinks and toilets as they are rated at 90 psi max.

Re: High house water pressure help

Hello all, I have normal street pressure that is 170 PSI. The only regulator that I found to really work, and did exactly what it promised to do is this one...


I have 3 in my home. First one set to 70PSI. the other 2 down seperate paths are set to 55PSI. Meters on all 3, what the Regulator is set to, that's what the meter reads!!!

Simple install, easy to maintain!!

Works for me, Pat KK6PD

Re: High house water pressure help

Yes that is correct. Works rather we also!!

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