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High efficiency boiler question

Hi all,

Watching ATOH this past week (Episode #807, Season 8 of ATOH) I came in late and I caught the tail end of a new high efficiency boiler installation. It was a nice compact unit that hung on an outside wall with flexible duct work for exhaust and fresh air intake. I missed the brand and model. Does anyone happen to know what brand and model that unit was? I'm thinking of upgrading and a unit like that would work great for my setup.



Re: High efficiency boiler question

That segment was primariky about the energy audit software and I don't bel;ieve they gave the name of the unit. They did however give the name of the contractor -

Barry Cullen
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Re: High efficiency boiler question


We always recommend to people looking for a new boiler to be flexible & not focus on one brand or style of heating unit.

We recommend you get at least 4-6 estimates from heating contractors in your area & listen to what brands & styles of boilers they carry---it's important to find an experienced installer, this always makes a world of difference in getting a good install.

The brand & suggested dollar quote for an install WILL VARY WIDELY---so get as many quotes as you can.

Wall-hung units are designed primarily for those who are very limited in the boiler room as to space for a boiler---but most boilers these days are no larger than a large suitcase, so this is not usually an issue.

Wall-hungs are usually condensing/variable output with a stainless steel combustion chamber (180 lbs)---this means they weigh much less than a floor model cast iron combustion chamber (600 lbs).

Variable speed condensing boilers tend to be highly efficient (95% AFUE as opposed to 85% AFUE for cast iron models), more complex in operation, & often have minor breakdowns or glitches due to the more complicated equipment---they cost much more ($8k to $10k for an install) than a standard cast iron non-condensing boiler ($4k) or a 3-pass cast iron boiler ($5k to $8k); condensing boilers have a shorter life-span than cast iron units; but fuel savings can be considerable, especially with the gas-fired units.

If you have room on the floor for the latter type boilers, you will pay much less for an install & have a boiler that will last decades.

Some of the condensing boilers have aluminum combustion chambers---these should be avoided in areas that have hard water---use only the stainless steel cc instead.

Most local installers are familiar with & carry a limited number of brands of boiler---that's why it's important to get 6 estimates.

If you still decide on a wall-hung boiler, Triangle Tube Prestige, Viessmann Vitodens, Weil-McLain Ultra, Burnham Freedom FCM, Biasi Riva, Baxi Luna, Crown & Embassy are good condensing boilers--and some of these will cost much less to install than the others---Viessmann, for example, is a very good boiler mfgr, but they usually charge very high prices for their product.

If you decide on a floor-model cast iron 3-pass boiler or standard cast iron boiler, most of the brand names mentioned for condensing boilers, also make the cast iron models---I would add Slant/Fin, Utica, & Dunkirk to the cast iron models.

It's always wise to include an indirect hot water heater as a companion to the new boiler to supply your domestic hot water needs.

Re: High efficiency boiler question


I appreciate the feedback. I certainly understand not focusing on a particular brand. But here's my situation. I just replaced my boiler a couple of years ago. A very nice Crown and it works very well. But the chimney for it's exhaust runs right through two bathrooms (main and upper level). I have major remodeling to both of those bathrooms coming up and it would be FANTASTIC if I could reclaim the space that the chimney now take up but I'd need a high efficiency boiler that can be vented out the basement wall. Then I could tear down the chimney. It only services the boiler. I have no fireplace and the hot water heater is electric. And even when I replace the hot water heater, assuming I go gas, they all vent out the wall now anyway.

So, there it is in a nutshell.... Again, thanks for the valuable feedback!


Re: High efficiency boiler question


The 2 things I would have you check out would be 1) that you may be able to get a 5" or 6" double wall "B" vent chimney up to the roof as a replacement for your brick chimney & still have adequate room for the remodel.

2) NO WAY should you have an electric HW heater when you have a boiler!!!

The "boiler companion" HW heater is known as the INDIRECT HOT WATER HEATER & doesn't need a vent---it gets its HW from the boiler as a heat exchanger, & burns no fuel on its own ($700-$1k base cost for 40 gallon IHWH plus labor)---recommended IHWHs: Triangle Tube Phase 3, Weil-McLain Gold Plus, Lochinvar Squire, TFI Everhot, Viessmann Verticell----you'll never run out of hot water & they last forever.

Bob Walsh
Re: High efficiency boiler question

I recommend that you get at least three quotations, this may seem a lengthy process but remember, your heating system will last 10-15 years if installed properly and the initial cost will only be a fraction of the running cost over this period
A high efficiency condensing gas/oil boiler can save approximately 30% of your fuel costs in a year and their payback period is only 2-3 years. Especially if used together with solar water heating systems and under floor heating systems you will be able to minimise your total heating costs.
In short, high efficiency condensing boilers are cost
effective and greener heating devices for your house.

Greentech are specialists in a range of Condensing Boilers Services.

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