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Hiding wires for plasma TV

I have a question that may sound unusual. I am mounting a plasma tv on a wall in my home. I do not want any of the wires to show so I am going to remove a portion of the drywall and install an outlet on the wall behind the tv. This takes care of the power cord wire but I do not know how I should hide all of the other component wires. I have a DVD, sound system, and a few video game consoles that have to be connected to the tv in some way. My idea is to run a hallow tub in the wall from the floor to halfway up the wall so that I can run component wires such as cable, and AV wires, but not power cords from any of the components. I was going to run white PVC or the black pluming pipe. The reason I was not going to run the gray electrical pipe was because the 90 degree bends are so long and the other two pipes I just mentioned have short 90 degree bends that would fit in the wall better. Would any California electrical codes or building codes restrict this? If anyone has any better ideas on how to do this I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Re: Hiding wires for plasma TV

Although visible, a wiremold/raceway will work. Most are paintable and allow for infinite options. I don't know about California's code for running video cables through a wall.

Avoid running parallel to power if within a foot for any possible interference.

Re: Hiding wires for plasma TV

you could also try using any number of "flat wire" products.




Re: Hiding wires for plasma TV

Check out this for wall plates. You can run the wires in the wall and just have a plate on the wall behind the TV where they connect. Hope this helps you out.



Re: Hiding wires for plasma TV

I'd probably bag the pipe idea in favor of a couple of these and just fish the wall cavity. You can screw single or double gang wall plate to them with either termination terminals or a blank plate with a hole drilled in it for the cables to pass through.


As long as it is some type of fire separation wall I can not think of an type of code you would be violating.

I have a similar idea I am thinking about and would be interested to know what you plan to use to house the electronics.

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