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hidden/box/built-in gutters

I have a 102 year old house that has hidden gutters. These gutters are leaking causing damage to the paint and I am sure other things as well. I live in a really small town (two hours from any big city) and no one here knows how to fix them. I have tried to get people from the bigger cities to come look at/fix but no one is willing to come here. Please help me fix my gutters. Also before anyone suggest covering them and adding new I cant do that I live in the historic area and they will not allow me to add new viable gutters to the house.

Re: hidden/box/built-in gutters

When fixing a leak, any leak, you need to determine the source.

Hiding gutters has never been the most brilliant idea in construction. But you are limited with your options.

Is it leaking cause the spouts are clogged?
Is it one long gutter or a few pieces together?
How is the slope of the gutter?
How is the access to the gutter for the purpose of repair?
Is your house one story or two?

If you attempt to fix it yourself, let me give you a friendly warning: using a ladder requires experience and careless use will lead to tragedy.

Re: hidden/box/built-in gutters

we have a two story, the gutters are fairly easy to get to as we have cleaned them several times. it is one long gutter but I believe there are seams which is causing the leaks at least we think that is where the leaks are coming from. As for the slope I have not checked that.

Re: hidden/box/built-in gutters

Well, if you feel comfortable on the roof and familiar with your gutter system, them you can tackle this.

1. Get tar sealant, and using a caulking gum, re-seal all seams.
2. Make sure the gutters slop towards the spouts, without any belly low spots. If you see that the gutters need more support, install supporters of the same kind you have now.
3. Clean them often. Clogged gutters and spout create overflows of run off water, and with no place to go, the water gets inside the house, into all those places you're trying to protect.

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