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hidden strip with outlets under upper kitchen cabinets


We are redoing our kitchen and will need to do some electrical work, including adding outlets to meet current building codes in Massachusetts.

I have seen a show where the outlets were hidden under the wall cabinets (it was a strip with outlets directly underneath the upper cabinets)...so that you didn't have to have receptacles sticking out from your backsplash. Few electricians I asked never heard about it.

Does any one know anything about these strip outlets? Where could they be purchased? Are they meeting the building codes?


Re: hidden strip with outlets under upper kitchen cabinets


It took a while for the page to load for me but here you go.

If installed correctly then yes, the product should meet code requirements.

Keep in mind that one National Electrical Code requirement is that receptacles shall be installed no higher than 20" above the countertop. 210.52(C)(5)

Re: hidden strip with outlets under upper kitchen cabinets

NEC - Thanks so much!

Re: hidden strip with outlets under upper kitchen cabinets

You’re welcome.

Wiremold products are pretty common in commercial applications but not so much in residential. That may be why the electricians you talked to were not familiar with it.

The link should provide enough information for all of the parts and pieces needed for a complete installation.

The devil is always in the details:

The NEC also requires that two 20amp small appliance circuits feed the receptacles in the kitchen and they need to be GFCI protected at the sink areas.

I won’t get into a bunch of electric speak but the multi-circuit plugmold, (2-circuit) shares a neutral which would mean a two pole GFCI breaker would be needed to feed it. I would not want that situation in my own home because it would mean that if one circuit tripped they both would.

I would recommend that the sections be broken up by corners and cabinet sections between two different circuits; A-B-A-B and so forth. I would also recommend that each section be fed with a single hot, neutral and ground which may mean some junction boxes, which were hidden behind a fridge or elsewhere would need to be installed because there is little room for splices within the plugmold.

Oh, all of it can be ordered from any electrical wholesale house.

Re: hidden strip with outlets under upper kitchen cabinets


Strip outlet is an economical office and electronic grade power strip. It provides 3-prong grounded plugs and outlets. It features illuminated on/off switch. Power strip converts single outlet to multiple outlets.

Re: hidden strip with outlets under upper kitchen cabinets

My Old House"Fix" has an excellent blog and video tutorial on this topic - step by step, how to custom fit power strips, and hide them  under your cabinet!


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