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HGTV users hated my decor

I watch HGTV because I am am fascinated by what those designers do on TV. They have a page called "rate my space" so people can post photos of their space and get it rated by viewers. Everything on HGTV is modern so I thought maybe an old house would draw some interest. Well!!! They hated it. My livingroom was considered dark (its winter and dreary people) and dated and cluttered. So, I am back to my roots-old house fans. I love my antiques, I collect lamps and lustres because they are house jewlery to me. I enjoy my home and love finding treasures for it. All of my decor has a story, it was not just a purchase at a furniture store, and I love period pieces. We have worked on our 1920 foursquare for many years, but have maintained the character of the home. The woodwork has never been painted, the hardwood floors are beautiful, the french doors, the glass doorknobs, the many windows, the separate rooms (not open floor plan). So thanks for listening old house people.

Re: HGTV users hated my decor

If you love it, it's perfect. And think what a great sale you will have some day rather than hauling every thing off to the dump.:D

Re: HGTV users hated my decor

All that really matters is that you like it...But I am curious, do you have pics you can post?

Re: HGTV users hated my decor

Everyone is entitled to his or her own taste. Your place sounds wonderful--- personal and loved and that's what matters!! Afterall, you are the one living in it. Who cares what others think!

Re: HGTV users hated my decor

They would hate my decor but everything in our house has memories! My wife and I love it and we are the ones who live in it! If I were selling it would be a different story.

Re: HGTV users hated my decor

I browsed through some of the rate my space postings and the comments on that site all seem to be geared toward showcasing a house for selling rather than living in the house as a family. Post some pic's on your profile in an album. We love pictures!

Re: HGTV users hated my decor

Interesting that none of the HGTV fans liked your house. It sounds very interesting to me and has more charm than the cold/glass/chrome/modern houses that typically get shown on their shows. I do watch them but really I focus on what the carpenters are doing. Pick up some tricks that way, sometimes.

If you really look at their projects though, they use poor quality matierials very frequently (plywood and particle board vs. hardwoods), most of the thrust is in colors and paints, and being a carpenter and furniture maker, I wouldn't have most of the things they use, in my home.

Yours sounds great with a lot of character.

Re: HGTV users hated my decor

Like others here have said ,what counts is you're pleased.
Rememeber, if you posted on a public forum you are open to criticism.

Beer Belly
Re: HGTV users hated my decor

I've had the same problem....but like everyone here sez....I like it and that is what really counts. What I also noticed is that most of the spaces have been done by pro's and a ton of cash....I do my own work, and am always on a tight budget.

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