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HELP!!!new slate bleaching out on edges

Calling all tile experts! We recently had slate tiles installed in our shower and sealed the tile and grout with Aquamix penetrating stone sealer. After waiting a week to make sure the shower was good and dry, we started to use the shower. in 3-5 days we started to get a "halo" effect showing up around the perimeter of the tile. so we quit using the shower. I thought maybe it's not sealed enough (even though the water beaded up when used) so I resealed around the grout and the areas that were turning light. Then I waited another week then started to used the shower again. in another 3-5 days even more of the tiles started to turn. So again we quit using the shower. Now it's been over 2 months and even without use, each week there seems to be more and more tiles that start to bleach out and get a halo around them. I've been to several tile stores asking how to fix, why it happened etc. no one knows! I've tried stone cleaner, stripper, different sealer nothing works. So I'm quite irritated to say the least since we spent over $2500 on a shower we can't even use. (Well I guess we can use it but I'm afraid to in case it gets worse.) Also, I'm trying to figure out who is at fault (the installer, the tile company, the grout company, the sealer company??? in case it has to be ripped out and replaced. I'm not going to pay for that myself! Any ideas of how it could have happened and what to do about it would be greatly appreciated!

Re: HELP!!!new slate bleaching out on edges

Oddly enough, and I hate to be the one to tell you but, that slate tile, and particularly that Home Depot slate isn't and never was meant for a shower. It’s remarkably porous. It looks like the pigment from your grout is bleeding into the tile. That's only the beginning of the problems. The tile will quickly mildew and blacken along the edges and will be very difficult to clean.

It is tile and it is stone and it is slate, and which by definition is hard sand and water seeps through it and if not it, through it’s grout. You'd need a dozen coatings of sealer to hope to stop the moisture but it's a dry slate, it soaks up moisture. And, unless you have a remarkably excessive amount of sealer, it still seeps through.

I don't know of any reliable way to seal it completely, perhaps someone else may.

That slate was never intended for a shower wall. It’s floor tile and not for an excessively wet floor.

The moisture content will eventually even out, but it will always discolor.

Lastly, the Romans used slate at many locations for water exposed tiles. It took a few thousand years, but it looks nice now.

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