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Help - what style is my home?

I've been told it is a colonial revival. True of False?

Re: Help - what style is my home?

It would help to know when it was built and in what general area you are located.


Re: Help - what style is my home?

It was built around 1910-1920 and is located in Highland Park, NJ. One town over from New Brunswick. The house was slightly modified at some point. A previous owner closed half the porch and added a bathroom. I never can find a home style that fits this type of house. Its a common type of home in my town for that time frame.

Re: Help - what style is my home?

Late-Victorian tri-gable ell. With wrap-around porch.

Re: Help - what style is my home?

Definitely Victorian, and more importantly, definitely NOT Colonial!

Re: Help - what style is my home?

It's a common mid-middle class equivalent to the upper middle class Queen Anne frame homes of the day. The give-away are the porch and portrubing gable with third floor window. While the house may not be able to hold its own to a Queen, it has/had many elements similar like a turned column wrap-around porch, somewhat elaborate window casements and sashes, etc. If you're considering remodel, I'd defintely dump the shutters since they don't belong.

Re: Help - what style is my home?

I thought those kinds of houses were called Cottage style houses... sorry if I am being stupid :D

Re: Help - what style is my home?

That is definitely Victorian style, and not a Cottage. Its too big to be a cottage and has all the style of a Victorian.

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