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Help with a "Turret" tower...

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the tower space in this house. It sits in the corner of the living room on the first floor and a bedroom on the second floor, but I haven't thought of anything interesting to do with it; except building window seats or putting a couple chairs for reading. Any thoughts or photos you could share with regard to what to do with turrets or towers would help me start thinking about what to use them for.


I've tried to post photos, but can't since I'm a new member, so I guess I can try to post them if I get my count up.

Re: Help with a "Turret" tower...

How big is it? Mine's about 18 feet internal diameter so I made the upstairs one my bedroom,with the bed in the middle of the turret part, and the downstairs one was part of the living room, with a couple comfy chairs, but I recently turned it into a less formal dining space with a round table and some plants and chairs, and turned the formal dining room into a comfy place to sit around the fireplace and chat or read.

(this probably looks not quite round. Blame the wide angle lens.)

In the appropriate season, there's something really fantastic about a big christmas tree in the middle of a round room, so keep that in mind.

All of my piano playing friends want to slap a baby grand down in the middle of the room and call it done. Bonus points for the really cool surround sound acoustics as the notes reflect off the curved walls and windows.

If you like to entertain small groups, a round gaming table could work nicely. Amazon has a few options and I'm sure there are loads of others.

One idea I entertained before ditching it as too out of touch with the character of the house was putting a huge beanbag chair, like the Sumo Gigantor. When I finish off the third floor, I think I'll be putting pillows down on the turret floor and turning it into a little hideaway for reading (the ceiling there is too low for normal usage).

If it's one of those little ones some of the other queen annes in my town have, only 4 or 5 feet wide, I'd find a half-round or kidney/crescent desk and put it against the windows, and take full advantage of the excellent lighting and enjoy the view.

You could also make it into a nice space for any pets you have. Friends and neighbors seem to get a kick out of seeing my white shepherd happily looking out the second floor turret windows, and when the cat decides to play on the windowsill he looks ridiculously cute from the street.

if it's really small, maybe get some sheer d****s with an interesting pattern and some nice lighting and give it some nighttime visual appeal.

Lots of things you could do... :)

Re: Help with a "Turret" tower...

I had thought about putting two chairs and a small table there to read by, and certainly a Christmas tree is on the list of to-dos when the season comes. The size is about halfway between yours and the smaller Queen Anne style towers around. Its probably about 10-12' wide but its 3/4 round instead of just jutting out into the facade. Its hard to explain, but the walls curve back inward into the rooms they are in. Also they are a wall of windows, five in all. I was thinking about a sitting nook, like a big built-in window seat.

Thanks for all your thoughtful ideas, I'm sure I can make it look special. The first floor turret space is in the living room, while the second floor unit is in a guest bedroom so I've got some time to figure that out. The cat will enjoy laying on the floor in the sun I'm sure!

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