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Help to remove bathtub facets for repair.

How do I get the handles off my facets in my bathtub. I have tried but can't seem to remove them and the cold water one is causing a pretty heavy leak to come out of the facet.

This facet is probably about 30 years old.

The facet handles have a screw in the center which I have removed and still cannot remove the handles.

A. Spruce
Re: Help to remove bathtub facets for repair.

Old handles can become gummed with soap scum and corrosion that require a fair bit of work to get off. What I generally do is tap the center of the handle, right over where the screw was removed, to drive the handle tighter onto the stem. Then, grab the ears of the handle and wiggle while pulling to loosen and get some slack. Tap again, wiggle, pull again, repeat until the handle comes off. Sometimes some gentle tapping from the back of the handle is necessary to get it to wiggle off. To do that, use the claw of a hammer and carefully yank one side then the other, tap the center and yank with the hammer again. Do not pry, as this will only damage the valve and the wall surface of the shower.

Re: Help to remove bathtub facets for repair.

Hey I just did this...I wen to the plumbing store-they sold me for $15 a "puller" or a screw on handle remover. I think its a bit like what you use for a car to remove the steering wheel. It was well worth the money....mine has a bad seat inside( I found out) causing the leak. thus lots of calcium and minearl build up which acts like epoxy...I would shy away from prying against anything...chip the tile or gouge the walls and that's pretty permanent...spend the money and get the puller. Mine was so bad there is no amount of prying or tapping that would work (my first instinct)

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