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HELP! Steam Heating/Plumbing system accident


I am a new homeowner and I recently did something to my boiler furnace which ended up with some flooding.

I have a steam heating radiator system and one day the boiler shut off and would not turn on. It turns out that I had to manually fill the water in this boiler because the furnace did not have an automatic water feed system. So I filled it up the system to about where the gauge read 15 - 20 psi. The furnace still wouldn't turn on so I left it off and called a HVAC guy the next day. It turns out, I filled too much water into the boiler so he had to drain the furnace to get the furnace fired back up again.

The furnace is working fine now but the next day, I notice some brown stains on my first floor ceiling and knew that some of the water must of leaked into the ceiling. I am currently trying to dry the damp spots from first floor. My concerns are the following

1. How did the water leak into the ceiling? I did not see any water near the radiators. Do I have a leak in the pipes?

2. Given that my heating system was designed for steam, did I totally screw things up by pumping that much water into the pipes/radiators?

3. If I do have a small leak in the pipes and maybe it was there all along, and I just didn't notice it because typically no water goes into those pipes do I still have to fix it?

4. Will mold grow in the ceiling since I can only dry it from the first floor?

5. Will there be a mold problem if there is a leak in the pipes even if it's steam traveling through it?

6. I also notice now that the radiator on the second floor right above where the brown stain in on the first floor ceiling is behaving oddly. It's hissing/gurgling a lot more both at the vent and near the inlet valve. Is it because there's a lot more water in the radiator that can't get out. I can understand coming from the vent but why is there air sound coming near the inlet valve?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: HELP! Steam Heating/Plumbing system accident

Sounds that your problem is that radiator that is making noises. There may be a leak from it somewhere. You will have to find it and and fix it, does not matter if its a pipe or radiator. Steam is heated water, it can leak too.

Re: HELP! Steam Heating/Plumbing system accident

You don't fill a stem boiler with 15-20 PSI. There should be a gauge glass on the boiler, the boiler should be filled until the water level is about half way up on the glass. The leak may be from flooding the radiators and leaking from the steam vents. Steam vents are not water tight.


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