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Help! Shower Drain Leak

Help! I have a fiberglass/acrylic shower that seems to have a mystery leak, which I am almost 100% sure is coming from the shower drain. The drain itself is a plastic threaded type which I tried unscrewing but it seems to be permanently welded in there with silicone or something else (damaged the 2 bosses/notches within this plastic piece trying to remove it). I tried using silicone caulk on the top, but its still leaking and am thinking of putting a bead of plumbers putty around the top, but I am not sure if that would be any better than silicone(?)

The shower is still fairly new and in perfect condition, so don't want to damage the pan by attempting to cut out the threaded drain, which I assume would be what would need to be done. Are there any other suggestions on what I could do to stop this leak without having to remove the drain?

If I hired a plumber, would they have an easy way to remove the drain to replace it with a new one without damaging the pan? I'm fairly handy, but I am not a plumber and don't want to make the problem worse.

Minneapolis, MN

Re: Help! Shower Drain Leak

use a hammer. lay flat and put claw end on thread boss and other end on other boss. If that wont loosen it up then you will have to cut it out. Good luck

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