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Help---shower and tub drain

Im remodeling my bath and i had a shower/bath combination---draining into a 1-1/2 drain (cement floor) i want to set a tub 5 feet away from this drain and a shower stall 2 feet away---can i simply jackhammer a ditch and lay a new pipe over and tie into that 1-1/2 thats down in the cutout in the cement---i cannot move this---someone said that i would need a 2 inch drain--if so then i guess i will have to just go back with a tub and shower comb---any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Lee:confused:

Re: Help---shower and tub drain

i can't speak for where you live but in mass, you use a 1 1/2" drain on a tub/shower combo and a 2" drain on a free standing shower. if you open up the floor, maybe the tub 1 1/2" line goes into a 2" line, but i doubt it.

Re: Help---shower and tub drain

hanks for the help---I live in Texas--and im sure the code is to use a 2 inch drain on the shower---Im just a do it yourselfer, and really confused, i guess i will just need to go back with a tub shower combo--thanks again--lee

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