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Help! Scratched up, holey laminate countertops!

My boyfriend and I are currently renovating an old trailer quickly, and not exactly by choice. We don't want to dump hardly ANY money into this place right now but there are a few things I'd like to fix up. The laminate countertops are old, cracking, falling apart, they have massive holes and scratches on the surface and really the only option is to replace. But I refuse. I had an idea that I'll paint them, at least for now, but I will need to seriously prep the surface to hide all those scratches and holes in fear that they'll show through the paint. I know you need to sand the countertop before painting any way, but no sand paper is going to fix all these deep gouges.
So I had an idea...
Could I... use caulking to fil in the holes and scratches, sand everything down and then prepare to paint?
I just need a decent way to fill these holes and scratches, I'm not looking to make these countertops perfect by any means but I definitely need some kind of filler to smooth out the top.
Am I crazy? Do you have a better suggestion for prepping the surface for paint?
Please help! lol

Re: Help! Scratched up, holey laminate countertops!

Caulking? I'd say no, too soft and will eventually peel out

Bondo . . . Maybe

The money you spend on paint, primer, bondo, sandpaper and the cost of your labor may make it more effective to get a remnant piece of countertop from a big box store.

Re: Help! Scratched up, holey laminate countertops!

"Am I crazy?"...

Yes, I think so. But hey, it's your castle, do what ever you want.

BTW, doing the correct fix the first time, will be cheaper than all your crazy ideas. And it will look better.

A. Spruce
Re: Help! Scratched up, holey laminate countertops!
aec.maine wrote:

Am I crazy? Do you have a better suggestion for prepping the surface for paint?

Yes, and, yes.

As was pointed out, by the time you buy bondo, paint, and whatever else you need, not to mention the amount of time it is going to take to do a crappy "repair", you could replace it and never think about it again. I would suggest you get pricing on replacement counter vs. the paint and bondo, you might spend just a little more on the new counter, but like I said, it will be done right and look far better than a scabbed patch job and paint. Personally, I wouldn't want paint anywhere near my countertop, it isn't exactly the most durable surface, do you really want it in your food?

Re: Help! Scratched up, holey laminate countertops!

Check to see if you have a local Habitat Restore store. These stores sell used or leftover housing materials and donate the money to Habitat for Humanity. You might find a gently used countertop for a few bucks. You also might try craigslist or even ebay.

Re: Help! Scratched up, holey laminate countertops!

You could buy a new laminate. Just the laminate. Put contact glue on the back side and on the counter top. the trick with this is to but strips of wood between the two and let them dry then remove the wood strip and it should drop in to place. then router out the overlap talk to some old carpenters this was how it was done before.

Re: Help! Scratched up, holey laminate countertops!

Most trailers (at least older ones) had flat laminate counters which are easily resurfaced with more laminate. Save bux by going to the 'big-box' stores and asking for damaged sheets- they will negotiate on the price so have your best smile on when you ask, You can get by without a router if you've got a sharp saw, some sharp files, and lots of time to make things really smooth. If your countertops have a contoured nose or backsplash the only option is replacement. Once again ask at the 'big box' stores for damaged ones. Alternately you can stop and ask every carpenter or remodeler you see for take-outs, they might just be doing a replacement job soon and have something useful to give away.


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