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Help - sagging sash

I'm reglazing windows on a 146 yrold house, on one of the windows the putty fell out and there's some water damage (paint peeling, not rotting wood as of yet). The upper sash (3 window) is sagging slightly and has separated slightly (1/8th") from the munions (?).
How do I fix the warped sash? I'm sure I should do that before glazing, right?? somebody HELP- can't seem to find anything on the internet regarding this!!! ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!:D

Re: Help - sagging sash

From what I can tell from your message, it sounds like you're going to have a little work ahead of you to fix this one. You can't straighten out the wood. You could replace the piece of sash that is warping since you probably want to retain the historical value of the rest of the window. Those windows were probably put together with a big tongue and groove or mortise and tenon type joint and maybe have a dowel pin through them at the corner. If you scrape the paint off the corner of the face of the window where the rail and stile of the window come together, you may find the dowel or screw or whatever. If you can get that out by drilling, you could take the piece off the sash and take it to a cabinet shop to have them make another one for you. Then you can just re-install it.

The other option (not a great one) is to just re-glaze it the way it is and re-use it, essentially postponing doing it right.

Good Luck.

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