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Help Replacing Stringer on Steps

Hi guys,

We have an old house (1890), with old wooden steps that lead up to a covered porch.

The stringer on the left side of the steps is broken. Problem is, the stringer is unaccessible due to stone pillars.

It looks like the steps are nailed in. How can I get the steps up without damaging them or am I looking at a total redo?



A. Spruce
Re: Help Replacing Stringer on Steps

As long as the treads are not captive on the ends, you should be able to get a flat bar under them and pry them up off the stringers, assuming they're nailed and not screwed. Once you get the uppers off, you can then get in behind the rest of the risers/treads and pop them with a combination of prybar and hammer w/block of wood.

If you can at least loosen the treads/risers, you can snip the nails with a sawzall.

Re: Help Replacing Stringer on Steps

If the crack is from a poorly placed knot and the stringer is otherwise sound, you could sister it by bolting on a 2x6 to carry the weight. To be undetectable, you would have to get underneath and bolt it from the inside.
If the stringer has rotted or is split lengthwise, it's not a candidate for sistering and demo and replacement is the only way. You really need your front steps to be safe for liability reasons.

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