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Help in replacement for OLD furnace

We have a VERY old furnace that needs replacement. We are currently gearing the house up to be put on the market. so, as you can imagine, we don't want to spend much on the replacement - but at the same time we want to get a good one to leave the new homeowners with.
Any thoughts as to a good brand? We have a forced hot water recirculated furnace and it is propane. I have NO idea about furnaces whatsoever. I really don't want to be ripped off by a store we might contact etc... We also don't want to install a furnace that a home inspector is not going to be pleased with.
Thanks so much!

Re: Help in replacement for OLD furnace

Get at least three estimates from local plumbers in your area. Just make sure you're comparing apples to apples. What I mean is that all should be bidding on the same size and rated efficiency
boiler. The don't have to be all from the same manufacturer.

You'll get lots of opinions as to which manufacturer is the best but they are all pretty close in quality these days.

Also, don't get a boiler based on the size you now have. Get a heat loss calculation done by the plumbers to determine the most efficient size boiler for your home.

Re: Help in replacement for OLD furnace

Yes, you have a BOILER there, & not a FURNACE.

I would recommend you consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors" & call at least 3 to get a heat loss calc & estimates for an "entry level", basic boiler without the bells & whistles.

Re: Help in replacement for OLD furnace

Thanks for the replies - I've always heard - furnace - growing up so that is what I call them :) But in researching, I did find that I was mistakenly naming it and that it is indeed a boiler - Makes it hard to find a product if you are not calling it the right name.

Someone suggested a Crowne? Has anyone heard of this brand? Through Alpine? To add - what we have now is a Slant Fin - is that a good brand? They are still out there. Scary that the techs from our propane company had said they had never heard of this company....

Re: Help in replacement for OLD furnace

I was in the process of completing my post----ok, here it is:

Check the YP under "Heating Contractors", and also check under "Fuel Oil Dealers", as they are licensed to install propane equipment as well, & often charge less.

Yes, Crown (Crown Cabo II) & Slant/Fin (Slant/Fin Victory) are excellent boilers, & make many "entry level" or "standard" everyday cast iron boilers without the bells & whistles that are low-cost, give 83% or better fuel efficiency & will last for decades.

It is noted that Slant/Fin has a good reputation in the industry for responding quickly to any problems the homeowner or installer may encounter during the initial few years of boiler ownership.

Google "boilers product list" dated April 05, 2011 and click onto the Energy Star EPA list of hundreds of boilers available on the U.S. market; click onto the "cache" symbol if the site won't load on your system.

No home inspector or prospective home buyer will have any problem at all with these low-cost cast iron boilers, which are high quality, have improved design of their combustion chambers & will last for many years.

There are 3 basic levels of boiler--1st, the top of the line are condensing stainless steel/aluminum units that return 95% efficiency but cost approx $8k to $10k to install; 2nd are the 3-pass cast iron boilers with an improved combustion chamber that gets 86% efficiency & install for approx $4k to $7k; the 3rd is the "everyday" reliable boiler that gets 83% or better efficiency & installs for $2k to $4k (approx.)---all of these units are often paired with an Amtrol Boilermate 40 gal indirect hot water heater ($1k) for the domestic supply---these prices include the cost of removing the old boiler, but if your present unit is "real old" many of the nearby-boiler components like relief valves, zone valves, back flo preventer, pressure reducing valve, a circulator or zone valve for the Amtrol, etc. will have to also be replaced/installed---figure approx. $1k for these components.

In your case the 3rd option above with an everyday cast iron boiler by Crown Cabo, Slant/Fin Victory, Peerless PSC, New Yorker, Dunkirk EV, would do the trick; there are other good boilers by Utica, Biasi, Weil-McLain CGS, Smith (Lexington), etc. that are also good; each installer usually specializes in installing 2 or 3 brands of boiler in certain areas.

Many of these cast iron boilers, regardless of the name plate on them, are quite similar in design, components & performance & often share casting origins from the same manufacturing foundries in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Slant/Fin. for example, has a Victory propane-fired boiler that sells for $1300 at Home Depot---you can use that unit as a ballpark price benchmark, although I don't recommend a diy install--the laws usually require a licensed pro to do it---- for good reason, it takes a pro to do a good job on these installs.

The installer will guarantee the install for 60 days approx.; if you have any problems during this "breaking in" period, feel free to call the installer, who should come over at no charge to make any adjustments or minor repairs.

I'll leave it up to you to Google the Brand name/models of the mentioned boilers so you can get more info and specifications on each boiler---you can also get a rough ballpark cost for each boiler by this process; Pex supply has a price list of some boilers---Google "pex supply" to get onto their web site; click onto their "boilers" heading at their header page.

Many homeowners see a considerable drop in their gas/propane usage when a new unit is installed---this is usually due to the combustion chamber design improvements in the newer units---have someone check the exterior wall & attic insulation of your house, which can be blown in for a few hundred $$$ if you need any, as well as having tight-fitting storm windows or double-glazed windows---these 2 items will prove to be great money-savers as well.

Re: Help in replacement for OLD furnace

***! you were in the process of your post! Thank you so much for all that info!
The one we have is actually a Slant Fin Victory Model :) Will get some quotes from around up here - Thanks again!


Burnham, Weil, Crown, Dunkirk, etc all make products that will last for years. Its the installation that means everything. Be wise to choose the right contractor. His work will determine, operation and maintenace..

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