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Help with removing old flooring layers

I'm just starting to renovate an old family home that was built in the 1930's. I had the entire house tested for asbestos & already had what they found removed, so we're good there. My issue is with cleaning up the wood flooring. They used some kind of indestructible backing & glue on the vinyl that they applied. After removing the top layer I'm pretty sure it was vinyl and not linoleum through the kitchen, but I can't get the rest of it up. I tried a heat gun with very little luck, tried hot water and that did nothing (the glue is definitely not water soluble), tried mineral spirits which did next to nothing, and finally tried the Klean-Strip Premium Stripper with very slightly better results. From what I can see the wood floor is in pretty good condition underneath, so I really don't want to cover it up. It's just the black paper & glue that are left covering basically the entire floor. Is there a better way to go about this? Help!!

A. Spruce
Re: Help with removing old flooring layers

Pull up a sample of the glue and floor backing and take it to a commercial flooring supplier - meaning a place that contractors use, not your local big box or specialty retailer. A professional supplier will be able to help identify it. More than likely it is what is called "cutback", and there is a solvent available that will ease it's removal. You'll still be in for a very messy, nasty job, but it will go much easier than what you've been through so far.

Re: Help with removing old flooring layers

If chemicals won't help, heat will. Your heat gun is to weak for this job, but there are ways to heat the floor enough to make it easy to scr-ape off. These methods are also risky. You'll have to find out for yourself, I can't recommend it on line.

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