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Help with recessed lighting spacing

I'm finishing up a basement, and could use some advice with the lighting.The room is approximately 11ft x 19ft, and the ceilings are about 7 feet high. I have access to all the joists (about 14.5 inches between them), and can see all the ductwork and such, so planned to put in recessed lights. I'd like to have even lighting throughout with no specific focal point to worry about.

Here's the layout I have to work with, as well as the best plan I could come up with.


The ductwork and other obstructions where I can't place a can are in gray.  The box in the bottom corner is a bar that won't need recessed lighting above it. The rows with 3 cans are spaced so the center of the lights are about 33 inches from the wall and each other.  The rows with 2 cans are spaced so the lights are about 44 inches from the wall and each other. It seems like a lot of lights, but it was about the best I could come up with working around the obstructions. I do plan to use a dimmer as well, going off the idea that it's better to overlight and dim rather than underlight.

Hoping someone might suggest a better layout, or at least let me know I've got the right idea?

Re: Help with recessed lighting spacing

To decide how far separated to space your recessed lights, partition the stature of the roof by two. In the event that a room has a 8 foot roof, you should space your recessed lights roughly 4 feet separated. If that the roof is 10 feet, you'll need to put around 5 feet of room in the middle of every installation.

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