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Help! Plumbing issues!

I rent a home from someone who is basically a slum lord. My plumbing has not worked correctly since I have lived there which has been over a year and a half. Now, here is the beginning of my problem. The toilet stopped flushing about a year ago. It will flush if and only if we pour about 3 gallons of water directly into the bowl. We had a plumber look at it and he made the decision that it was the septic system and not the toilet itself. He snaked our main drain pipe and we used a toilet auger with no results. Does anyone have any ideas?? If anyone would know someone here would!!!!! :mad:

Re: Help! Plumbing issues!

First if it were the septic system or the drain lines adding water to the bowl wouldn't help. I suspect either there is a missing, clogged, or improperly installed vent, the tank is not filling enough or it's an older low flush toilet. Try holding the flush handle down when you flush to empty the tank. Check to see if the tank is filling to near, but not over, the overflow tube in the tank.

Re: Help! Plumbing issues!

Holding the handle down does not help at all. The tank is filling near but not above the overflow tube. Perhaps I will do some more research and make sure that the vent is installed properly. The condition has very recently worsened to the point that now I have to pour two 2.5 gallon jugs of water down it to get it to flush. Thanks for your help!

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